Most parents are so concerned about their children's safety that they wish they could secretly monitor their every move. While drug abuse is their primary concern, they are also concerned about stealing, gambling, alcoholism, shoplifting, opposite-sex relationships, rash driving, petty theft, smoking, womanizing, betting, or any other inappropriate appropriate, or illegal activity.

Private Detective, as an award-winning agency, is not only aware of the risks that such issues may pose, but also helps parents in any case with scientific research. We also have expertise in conducting completely discrete investigations into drug abuse or child monitoring cases without ever revealing the secret. All investigations, we conduct are always confidential for our clients.

We provides Child Monitoring Services and Drug Abuse Types.

  • Examine Changes in Behavior and Attitude.

    We can look into the changes in the attitude and behavior of children. Who has started locking themselves in their rooms, showing less interest in studies, not eating regularly? Waking up at odd hours, exhibiting unusual laziness, throwing temper tantrums. Staying outside the house for longer periods, and so on. In such cases, we can look into whether they are falling victim to wrongdoing. If so, we can dig deep to find out everything in detail.
  • Theft, thievery, and shoplifting

    We can investigate whether children are involved in criminal activities such as theft, stealing, shoplifting, and so on, or whether they are involved in any type of illegal activity. In such cases, we can conduct a thorough background check on the person or friends with whom their child spends the majority of their time and provide evidence.
  • Contrary Sex Relationships and Womanizing

    We frequently receive requests from parents who want to know if their child is womanizing or involved with someone of the opposite sex. These checks become necessary when the child has developed a problematic habit of coming and going from home. This is especially true when the child is going out for a party or night out.
  • Gambling, betting, racketeering

    We can look into your child's gambling, betting, or racketeering habits, as well as whether he has joined a gang. Our team can also assist parents who suspect their child has joined a cult.
  • An investigation into a night out at a party or a festival

    We also handle cases where children attend regular late-night parties, festival night outs, wedding night outs, stopover at a friend's house for study (females frequently do this), and cases where the phone is turned off on such nights out. In such cases, we conduct a thorough background check on the family and provide evidence to the parents.
  • An Investigation into Hostel Life

    Those whose children are studying abroad for medical, engineering, or business studies. In hostels, we check to make sure students are taking their studies seriously, keeping proper company, concentrating on the right things, staying away from illegal things, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, etc. We can investigate their group or company, look into their behaviors, habits, and so on.
  • An Investigation of a Child's Company/Group

    Parents can also hire us to conduct a thorough investigation into the company or group their child belongs to. We will obtain accurate information about the people or friends with whom their child spends the majority of their time. We can make substantial efforts to verify each friend and their family, as well as provide helpful information to parents.
  • Continual Investigation

    Even if you have no suspicions, you can have your child investigated to see if they are acting appropriately. Many parents hire us for regular checks because they don't have any suspicions in general. However, they want to be safe by having information about their child's schedule, habits, and activities. Parents can also hire us to monitor their children. Whether they have direct supervision or not. To obtain information on a variety of topics. such as how they conduct their lives outside the house, who they meet daily and socialize with, who they party with, and whether they are attending classes, staying away from drugs, and focusing on their studies.
  • Check for possible substance abuse.

    We look into the drugs the child is using as well as the extent of the drug abuse. The team investigates the child's company, where they buy drugs, who arranges funds, and so on. Following that, a thorough background check of the people they interview for drug abuse is performed. Furthermore, comprehensive counseling is provided in such cases so that parents can decide whether to place their child in a rehabilitation center or seek medical attention.

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  • Why should you hire a Private detective agency for child investigation?

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